Read + See

Let's do this.

I've been really lucky. My first job surrounded me with an unusually high number of hyper-talented women at the top of their game, who collaborated day in and out to create incredible work. Spending years in that environment was a double-edged sword: it was an amazing way to develop my skills, but when I changed jobs, I entered a smaller, less female-centric workplace and noticed how much I valued - and missed - that level of interaction with my peers.  

But then I realized, I didn't have to miss it - I just had to build it back up again. 

So that's why we're here, or why I'm here. I want to reconnect with all of the amazing women I know - and connect with all of the amazing women they know - and give us all a place to showcase our work, share what we're into, talk about our process and be creative just because.

We might see a photo essay, a new recipe, an article, a painting in progress, a poem, a storefront. All I know is, I've seen what we're all capable of, and it blows my mind. I'm ready for what's next. So, let's do this.