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One more thing.

Because it helped this morning, some thoughts from writer, friend and generally kick-ass lady Emily:

Guys, I seriously cried all day yesterday. Drive to work, at my desk, in the bathroom, the whole drive home (peak ugly-cry) at home. It was bad. But my brother gave me some perspective, which was helpful. He said: 

This too shall pass. Think of the McCarthy era. Gave way to the ‘60s and great civil rights advances. It’s a roller coaster and this is the biggest low of our lives. But we’ll come back. More votes for the good guys last night than for hate and fear. Best cure for all this despair and anxiety is to take some direct action.

Which brings me to this list from Jezebel of actions to start taking, right now.

I think I'm going to volunteer for Planned Parenthood. I have utilized the fullest extent of their services, from the preventative to the OH FUCK, but never showed up for them. The time has come.