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Well. That sucked.

Photo Source:  Nico Krijno

Photo Source: Nico Krijno

It's not possible to put into words what we're all feeling after this election. I can say that I've never wept over politics before. (The tears I cried when Barack won were of an entirely different sort than the ones that came like a flood yesterday morning, as I read this.)

I'll just say that with a man at the helm who has proudly treated women with such disdain, who has normalized abuse, empowered the men of America to treat us as playthings and put us in a new kind of danger, it's more important than ever that we come together to protect, support and champion each other. And when he tries to legislate us into a position of inequality, every single one of us needs to be there to shut that shit right down.  

Love to you all. We've got this. xoxox